Hi, my name is Balazs Antal and welcome to

My digital playground.

I provide unique, outstanding solutions through creativity, design and technology. I translate thoughts and ideas to a visual language, that anyone can understand.


Key Visuals

I create outstanding visuals that represents the strengths of your brand. Your product deserves the highest quality visuals so your audience can see you.

Product Videos

You have a longer story to tell? You're in the right place. A first-class animation always makes your brand's voice more clear.


Show your product's most beautiful details in the highest resolution so your customers can see why you are the best choice.


Balázzsal nagyon könnyű volt együtt dolgozni és gördülékenyen haladt a munka. Sok hozzáadott értéke volt amik nagyon hasznosak voltak számunkra üzleti szempontból is.

Antal Balázs

Minta Kft.

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