Diamond | Key Visual

September 2022

Diamond is a dominant brand in the Hungarian dental aesthetics market. They provide a cost-effective and completely safe solution to teeth whitening, that anyone can use without leaving their home.

I’ve been asked to create a key visual for their new website which communicates their renewal to potential customers. The idea was to visually communicate the strengths of the brand (which are: natural, effective, simple) in the first moment a user visits their home page. When I finished the first draft of the hero section, I didn’t stop there. I wanted to creat a whole new appearance which shows up in every aspect of their website so the users feel the consistency. After a short consulting with the owner, I went back to the designing phase and created these visuals. The finishing touch of the project was to create a small scroll animation for the hero area which brings the whole site to life. That’s also my favourite part.

3D design

Key Visual

Product Visualization


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