Eldorado Syrup | Product Video

April 2022

Eldorado Syrup is a premium hungarian cocktail syrup which also has fruit purees with more than 60% fruit in them. They are making very tasty syrups for cocktails, juices and also for coffees. The Eldorado brand has more than 65 flavours and 22 sugar-free versions. These bottles are perfect to jazz up your cocktail on a hot summer night.

I was invited to this project to create an exciting product video for an online campaign. The campaign's goal is to reach out to people who have already heard of the brand but didn't yet try it. In the video we wanted to visually communicate that this syrup can reproduce the real taste of fruits in your glass and it's also a healthy ingredient for cocktails. As the timeframe was real tight (15-20 seconds) I wanted to create a very dynamic video which is visually astonishing and helps our audience to memorize the brand.


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